Catha edulis

A bush, with stimulating
effects. It can be found
from Israel, Yemen  all
 the way to
South  Africa.

                                                    Khat is  bush up to 4/5 meters high. Quite
a strong plant, which can easily be cultivated
in any(sub)tropical  region.
Although a dry climate and earth is appreciated.
 In more colder regions it can be grown in pots.
It needs
 an airy earth,
 not to much water, especially in the winter.
 Mine even had a little bit of  frost, which it
survived unharmed. Another winter
I kept it warmer,
which caused
the plants a lot of loss of leaves.
The bush can easily be multiplied by cuttings,
a little root powder and a warm and  humid place
(Yes, this time humidity is
 needed)  help a lot, the younger twigs are more

fitfor multiplying. Once the cuttings have roots,
they can be kept under drier conditions.
   If you live in a country, where fresh khat
(for consumption)
is available, that can be used very well, I know it
is available in
Holland ( ofcourse ), Israel,
 Yemen and all over eastern Africa.
    I have been told that there, different varieties,
 for example there should be a more red, less
bitter but stronger variety in Israel
 (I like to know more about that).
 I am afraid this plant is illegal in the US, but
what is illegal?
 Follow the timeless Law, whatever is under
 the spell of time, will go. For sure Khat and other
 sacred plants
survive the local laws easily.